31v35 are an elven subrace who dwell on Luridia. They are typically Gearsmiths, highly tech-savvy to the point of geekiness. They tend to write in 1337 ("leet").

Physically, they are smaller than humans, with bluish skin. Their hair color is magenta.

31v35 come from Nidia, an isolated island-continent to the south of Malapropea, across the Nidian Sea (naturally.) The 31v35 live in a matriarchal society. The reason for this is primarily because male 31v35 reach puberty at around 13 years of age and then, unlike their female counterparts, stop maturing for the majority of their remaining lives. Most of the 31v35 who travel to Malapropea are males who just want to play, goof around and fiddle with the latest gadgets, which the ancient culture in Nidia doesn’t have a lot of use for. They’re often very clever and have the benefit of centuries of expertise; they just don’t give a hopping pogo bear about anything.

Another reason for the dominance of women in 31v15h society is that they have used their great sorceries to outsource the burden of carrying and birthing children. 31v35 take a long time to gestate (5+ years), so this was top priority for the forebears of Nidian society. After impregnation, a female 31f will produce a seed (or egg, if you will) that is planted, and will eventually grow to produce fruits that “birth” baby 31v35. One consequence of this is that the soil determines a lot about the resulting child. Before the 31v35 closed off their borders to the outside world, rich Marmothoan and Rimean soil were especially prized as trade goods.

Now, male 31v35 must have their ears stitched together before they are permitted to leave Nidia. This is done to symbolically (and perhaps magically) close off their minds, so they don't bring any stupid foreign ideas back to Nidia. The practice came into use sometime shortly after the fall of Marmothoa, as a reaction to when a number of the 31v3s who had worked in Turncrank Gorge returned to Nidia and started causing trouble. Male 31v35 are not allowed to unstitch their ears until they return to Nidia, and must get re-stitched if they decide to return to the continent.

As a consequence of their long lives, individual 31v35 will sometimes disappear for years at a time, sometimes even a century or two, only to reappear and act as though nothing happened. Males do resume physical and emotional development, but only several decades before their death, at which point they may become tall and muscular, even by human standards. So basically, for most of their lives the 31v35 are developmentally teenagers, and young teenagers at that. We know that even young humans may forget about their own mortality and not think about the consequences of their actions, and most humans only live a mere 80 years or so. Imagine how a creature with a life expectancy of several thousand years thinks about things like mortality and morality. In fact, most 31v35 fail to develop anything like a moral conscience until death is literally staring them in the face (well, at least in 31v15h terms, which usually means they have a good 70 years or so left).

It’s also worth noting that 31v35 have an almost religious aversion to mass production. Moreover, the fact that the creation of machines to produce other machines is considered deeply taboo means that 31v35 are deeply disinclined towards ever making anything actually useful to civilization.