Aamon has proclaimed himself a Lesser God. The Lord of Corruption is an omnipotent demon in possession of immense magical abilities. He single-handedly controls all evil forces in Asperia. Aamon has never been seen by a mortal man, but many think he ventures forth in disguise. Aamon holds a grudge against the Divine Order. It seems that his current goal is to destroy all Angels in the realm, bringing their divine influence over it to an end. Then he will probably return to his master plan of bringing chaos and destruction to all.

The demons are not native to Asperia – they emerge in the lands from a tremendous pit known as the Abyss, spawning from numerous portals inside. Their master is the evil mastermind known as the Lord of Corruption. He leads his minion armies only to bring chaos and death upon all. According to a famous conspiracy theory, the Lord of Corruption is actually just an agent of a higher power – the Primal Gods of Corruption. Has he really been sent to Asperia with the sole mission to pave the road for them?

Supposedly, the Abyss goes to the very bottom of the world, where the demonic mansion of Aamon, the Lord of Corruption, is situated.