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The abbey gargoyles watch over the city of Onella from orc and kobold raids from their lofty perches. Created by Serra to protect the town against raiders, the gargoyles will attack on sight any kobold, orc or goblin who dares to enter their city.

They also make an excellent police force in times of peace. They were created very similarly to the Serra Angels, in that they are not true beings but complicated mana constructs.

If one of these creatures witnesses a crime, they will ceaselessly follow the perpetrator until the person turns himself in. They are also slightly empathic, and easily can discern individuals suffering mental instability, guilt, anger or sadness.

Abbey Gargoyles do not speak, eat, mate or drink. They have no fear of fire, and sword-blows will not penetrate their stony white hides. They live on the parapets of the older buildings in Onella, usually around Aysen Abbey. They are fearsome creatures with long, sharp claws, have non-vestigal wings, and have stony white hides.

The Abbey Gargoyles are seen by the populous of Onella as one of the few signs that Serra still watches and protects them, even though she has been gone for nearly twenty years now. The creatures are watched almost religiously by the populous, and are thought of as walking miracles.

"Though Serra has not been seen for twenty years, her gargoyles still watch over our city and punish the guilty." -Gulsen, abbey matron

"They don't move, do they?" "Only for the wrong sort of people." "Are we the wrong sort of people?"