Aboshan was once a minor noble, but thanks to a lot of bartering, scheming, and betrayals, was made emperor in a power struggle that lasted years. Unfortunately, his climb has made him suspicious of everyone (though this is not without reason) and a little crazy.

Aboshan is the ambassador carried to extremes. His dream is the genocide of everyone who breathes. He is the state, and all who oppose him are traitors. The mere idea of the queen is his foil. She is the voice of reason and inclusion that he has expelled and becomes his enemy. His own impulses are used against him. His desire to weed out treachery nurtures Laquatus like an adder in his bosom.

Laquatus capitalizes on Aboshan's paranoia. Ultimately, Aboshan’s obsession with extending his holdings led to his death at the Mirari’s hands.

"No one can fight the tide forever."

"Your tenacity is admirable. And futile." -Emperor Aboshan (Fervent Denial)

"From the sea came all life, and to the sea it will return. The sooner the better." -Emperor Aboshan (Deluge)

Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor

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