This city of hardened magma, obsidian, and crystal squats in the caldera of an almost extinct volcano. Abriymoch's foundation is said to be the grave of a deity slain by Asmodeus. The city offers some protection from the fiery environment of the rest of Phlegethos, but even so, certain quarters are open to the raging flame.

The streets of Abriymoch run with molten lava. Constructed inside an active volcano, its structures are hewn from obsidian and other crystalline rock.

Abriymoch provides a home for Baator’s most fearsome defenders, a patrol force led by the pit fiend Gazra. He and his minions, many of them bone devils, police Baator’s four uppermost layers, searching for unauthorized intruders and checking the papers of both mortals and devils. Gazra ultimately answers to Belial, but he must also fulfill the policing demands of Bel, Dispater, and Mammon.

Abriymoch also houses the Diabolical Courts - a supposedly independent institution devoted to resolving disputes among devils. The courts focus primarily on contract cases between devils who do not share a chain of command, since the arguments of devils in the same hierarchy are generally settled by their bosses. An aggrieved party can also appeal to the courts about a contract that lays out the relationship between master and servant, though such cases are rarer. Finally, according to the ancient terms of the Pact Primeval, souls that feel they have been wrongly condemned by the terms of a Faustian pact can launch appeals before the courts. Presiding over the court system is Shamane, a corpulent paeliryon that is a stickler for detail. It is known for devouring advocates whose arguments seem frivolous.

Abriymoch is also a center of the weapons and armor trade in the Nine Hells. In fact, the ore used as the basis for Baatorian green steel is drawn from its magma. Chamo, the duke that currently holds the top “civilian” position in the city, is primarily responsible for keeping the economy of the city healthy.

Travel on foot is impossible through vast stretches of this infernal city. Instead, a traveler must pay for passage on one of many scorched and dented gondolas forged of Baatorian green steel. Barbazu ferry pilots then pole their way to the client’s destination while burning magma splashes and sprays into the boat.

A legion of more than five thousand hamatula devils resides here, a force kept in reserve should a demonic at- tack pierce this far into the Nine Hells. A pit fiend named Gazra commands the hamatula devils, but he directly answers to the Lords of the Fourth, Fierna and Belial. They also reside in Abriymoch in a palace of jagged obsidian built on one lip of the caldera.

Abriymoch (T9H)