When Acormis Winters was a boy he had no intention of becoming involved with the church of Kalim. It wasn't until after he'd spent several years fighting wars in far off lands that he realized how much he despised war and the destruction he saw it bring to countless peoples. Following the war Acormis disappeared from his home and most assumed he was gone forever. For Acormis, however, this was simply the beginning. After spending several years in a monastery in the mountains, Acormis returned to his home a changed man. Full of religious fire and a desire to make recompense for the destruction he had seen, he began his crusade as a religious leader. As the decades passed Acormis gained power within the church and now is one of the most powerful representatives of Kalim.

"The common adage that a man is married to his work is no more true for Acormis Winters. It is thought that his only love is that which he harbors for Kalim." -Charin Molair

Acormis Winters

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