Known as the King of Terrors. Acrolyn is a one-time Jentarian actor whose psychic abilities manifested at a late age. He now can enter a person's mind, find their fears, and make them reality to that person.

Dimensional Conqueror

Not knowing what to expect but excited nonetheless, Acrolyn steps through the dimensional rift, where he finds a militaristic culture in shambles. They do not know what to make of this tall man who walks leisurely with a cane wearing an actor's cape. How did this man wind such a tumultuous battle? With his head held high, he walks to the capitol building, almost daring anyone to oppose him. Some take his dear and quickly shrink to their knees in fear as Acrolyn projects their terrors into their imaginations. No normal human can stand against him, and opposition quickly falls by the wayside. The military structure collapses as arts and entertainment is introduced into their society. A new culture emerges and Acrolyn is revered by all.

Special Abilities or Techniques

  1. Nightmare Illusion
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