Adom is a Benalish commander who fought against the rise of the Slivers in post-apocalyptic Dominaria.

"They have long kept us under attack, but we do not lack for ammunition. The very bodies of our foes arm us against them." -Adom Capashen, Benalish hero

"A rift opened, and our arrows were abruptly stilled. To move was to push the world. But the sliver's claw still twitched, red wounds appeared in Thed's chest, and ribbons of blood hung in the air." -Adom Capashen, Benalish hero

"Our lances' reach had been our saving grace in our fight against the hive. Now even that advantage is taken from us." -Adom Capashen, Benalish knight

"They who fall singing the battle hymn of Benalia go not unavenged."—Adom Capashen, Benalish commander (Even the Odds)

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