The captain of the Guard, Adriana, is Marchesa's primary rival for the throne. She serves the Guard because the Guard serves the city, not the monarch, and she bears Brago's sword as a symbol of that authority. Adriana is popular throughout the city with gangs of citizen vigilante supporters who assist her forces in cleansing the city of corruption. Adriana has vowed on Brago's sword not to take the throne for herself, instead intending to install an interim government to rule until a suitable claimant is found.

"My sword is pledged to the defense of this city, not to the throne or this usurper."

"One who ruled willing subjects would need no such protection." -Adriana, Captain of the Guard (Palace Sentinels)

Within the city walls, Adriana's falcons hunt vermin of all kinds. (Wings of the Guard)

Adriana, Captain of the Guard

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