A wizard of Deverenia. She has a white cat named Lunassa as a familiar.

"She has been touched by the fury of the Storm... but her heart is too weak to hold the truth." - Slayer the Unkind

"I have never known a seer with Alhana's vision. If our plan is to succeed, we must find a way to steal her Sight." - Aenne the Tempest (Vision of Thunder)

"Be warned, Aenne, lest thou dare think to question me!" - Slayer the Unkind (A Touch of Power)

"We cannot stand alone, Aenne. We must draw unto us a conspiracy of light." -Bruin Lenoire (Light of Truth)

"I accept your terms, Aenne, but I have a few of my own... " -Cador (Blood Oath)

"There is only one Queen of Lightning." -Aenne

"Thou wilt not touch me, mortal, no matter how thou mayst try." (Bracers of Defense)

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