Aerie does not speak of her past fondly, having tried desperately to forget much of it. This is understandable, as she has been subjected to much more than most people could bear. Aerie has suffered the greatest tragedy a member of her race can: she has lost her wings.

Aerie was taken from the mountains of the far south by Amnish slavers, and was sold into a traveling exhibition of oddities. She was very young, and was quickly cowed by the discipline of her cruel master. Predictably, she deteriorated in her captivity, and her cramped cage eventually caused an infection in her wings that could not be cured. They atrophied, and in the end had to be amputated to save her life. Had she the choice, she would have rather died.

A gnome by the name of Quayle took pity on Aerie and nursed her back to health, caring for her out of his own earnings. He gave her focus with training in magic and spiritual matters, and she progressed quickly under his tutelage. When the circus violently changed hands and the slaves were freed, Aerie chose to stay with Quayle, the teacher she trusted.

Aerie is happier now, but she remains somewhat naive and withdrawn, unable to properly address the loss she has suffered.

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