Agadeem is a large island near Ondu. The muddy savannah of the island of Agadeem holds a veritable graveyard of ancient stone hedrons, some the size of a fist, others the size of small buildings. This is in sharp contrast to Tazeem, in whose hedron fields the stones are still aloft and seem to be related to the Roil. In the case of Agadeem's hedron fields, the stones have long since fallen and lay partially sunken in the earth, but they still have an effect on the land.

Though no one hedron appears to have any extant magical capacities, the effect of hundreds or thousands of them can have a marked effect. The laws of nature warp strangely around the Agadeem hedron fields, causing bizarre and unpredictable thaumaturgical and gravitational phenomena. In a strange distortion of the Roil, huge discs of earth thrust up from the ground, rotate in place, and settle down again at odd angles. Humid winds gather in knotted eddies, forming spheres of elemental air that encase groups of floating hedrons and trap flying creatures. Scholars speculate that the power of the hedron fields, if properly harnessed, could be great enough to accomplish almost unimaginable feats of spellcraft, but the erratic conduct of the hedrons has made it too dangerous for large-scale experimentation so far.

Multiple explorers have reported witnessing the phenomenon of the Three Masks, immense, floating, monstrous visages that generally appear as a trio. Whether it's a psychic disturbance, a mirage, a transcendental spiritual experience, or just a series of tall tales is subject to debate. Descriptions of the masks vary, but some merfolk and kor scholars wonder whether they might be manifestations or visions of the three gods of their respective pantheons.

Cities in Agadeem