Agrus Kos is a Wojek veteran of many years in a guild where the best and brightest tend to die in police campaigns. He's determined and loyal to Razia, but a little world-weary, having seen much too much politicking and suffering in his day. The Wojek lieutenant is the “officer” of the beat. Though they hold official power, they're really just the sharpest and most experienced patrollers of the streets.

Lieutenant Kos has never met a group of recruits he could not inspire or a mob he could not quell.

"In a town shaped by the subtle machinations and political intrigue of its guilds, it's reassuring to see a goblin waving his torch and screaming about some nonsense or other." -Agrus Kos (War-Torch Goblin)

"The first blow is the most important. It often negates the need for a second." -Agrus Kos (Fencer's Magemark)

"Have you ever held a Boros signet? There's a weight to it that belies its size -a weight of strength and of pride." -Agrus Kos (Boros Signet)

"Officially, there's nothing under that bridge to hunt ... Unofficially, my torchers are too terrified to go there after nightfall." -Agrus Kos (Undercity Shade)

"We thought we found the victim's clothes lumped in the street. As it turned out, it was the victim, insides sucked out -just a sack of skin and robes." -Agrus Kos (Disembowel)

Agrus Kos, Wojek Veteran

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