Ajani Goldmane is a planeswalker who wields white magic. His specialty is magic of the purification of body and soul: spells that heal and strengthen his allies, and spells that evoke the inner, spiritual essence of others.

Ajani Goldmane is a Nacatl, originally native to Naya. He was part of a Wild Nacatl pride. Ajani Goldmane is torn between his leonin ferocity and his sense of justice. He was born as an outcast within his own family, an albino leonin never accepted by the rest of his pride. The only person who cared about him was his brother Jazal, the leader of their pride and Ajani's inspiration. Ajani had always shown potential as a mage and healer, but had assumed his main calling was to be a warrior in Jazal's service.

In his early years, Ajani uses healing magic to help others, but not himself. However, during a Festival of Marisi, his brother Jazal was killed. When Ajani discovered his brother's murder, he was gripped by a seething fury. Then his planeswalker spark ignited.

Ajani's first planeswalk was to the "adjacent" shard of Jund. On Jund Ajani met the planeswalker Sarkhan Vol, who showed him a new kind of magic (namely, the volcanic, fiery red magic of Jund) that allowed him to open up and externalize his inner rage about his murdered brother. Ajani’s abilities as a planeswalker blossomed as Sarkhan helped Ajani turn his sense of vengeance into a fiery new power, unlocking a torrent of red magic in a volcanic ritual.

No longer could Ajani worry about his tiny problems of social acceptance. His quest to discover his brother's killer has led him into a tangle of intrigue woven by mysterious forces, forcing him to broaden his skills as a warrior and to unlock new potential within himself. Ajani teeters on the edge between principled justice and bloody revenge as everything he once knew crumbles around him.

As a younger cat-man, Ajani is full of rage and righteous vengeance, letting nothing stand in his way as he discovers who was behind his brother's death. However, as he matures, Ajani crashes through his emotions surrounding his brother's death, and becomes calmer and wiser. He turns his magic use away from the ostentatious, and more toward the development of the souls of others.

Ajani appeared on Theros to help his friend Elspeth, who had become the champion of the sun god, Heliod, and was tasked to fight the upstart Planeswalker-god, Xenagos. Xenagos was defeated, but when Heliod claimed Elspeth's life, Ajani became stricken with anger and grief at Elspeth's descent into the Underworld. Right now, he remains on Theros, livid with the injustice of the scheming gods.

Elspeth and Ajani had a long friendship that began with their meeting on the fractured plane of Alara. From there, Elspeth found herself embroiled in the events on Mirrodin as the Phyrexians took over the plane. After barely surviving the fall of Mirrodin and the rise of New Phyrexia, Elspeth and Ajani again met on Theros. There, Elspeth and Ajani became entangled in the intrigue of the gods, ending with the death of Elspeth and her entering the Underworld. Ajani, broken-hearted at the loss of another friend, took on Elspeth's mantle - much as he had taken his brother's axe.

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