"The soft skinned of Ironfist shall suffer for their damnation of the survivors of Old Valdac." - Akakios, Draksar Lord

"The resolve of our soldiers is astounding. They fight even when they cannot stand!"

"Courage burns in their hearts. Their very blood is set ablaze at the call to war. They know they must fight for their country, and they are grateful to serve." - Akakios, Draksar Lord

Akakios argued the importance of protecting the temples of Valdac from invaders. He would need warriors, warriors who spent years in service, warriors who knew what it was to protect.

Akakios and his broodqueens built their legions with one purpose: to take his vengeance on us. - Priest of Valdac

The Draksar Lord spent many months in hiding, deep within the kingdom of Valdac. When he finally emerged, his visage had changed. He had gained the power of the dragon gods.

The Blade of Lord Akakios is said to be the first blade forged under his rule. Some believe it was pilfered from the ruins of the kingdom he usurped.

"The arrogant soft-skins of Ironfist do not realize that our curse is not without its benefits." - Akakios, Draksar Lord

Originally a draksar, Akakios ascended to a full dragon form

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