Encombi uses her powerful intuition to help the Pharaohs solve problems and puzzles that their logic alone cannot crack. Her superiors bring her coded messages, which she reads haphazardly to summon connections and solutions out of her subconscious. Sometimes she is wrong, or just unable to determine anything, but often she can make leaps of logic and understanding that most people could never manage.

Encombi is by no means insane. She simply reported mild hallucinations in order to be committed, and she puts on a show of psychosis whenever her case comes up for review. As far as the staff of the hospital is concerned, she “constantly engages in compulsive writing behavior.” They do not pay enough attention to her to realize that she is perfectly sane. She chose to live in the asylum so that she would be out of the Edge and relatively safe from operatives of other conspiracies.

Special Abilities or Techniques

  1. Psychic
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