Akrasa, sometimes called "The Sea of Grass", is a land of fertile plains all put to agriculture. Several knightly orders are based in Akrasa, and its own armies are quite large. Akrasa has the largest number of ancient towers and castles of any kingdom and the largest Blessed caste in Bant. While every other caste is well represented and respected, in Akrasa, the Blessed rule with the support of the military. When a Blessed speaks in Akrasa, the ground itself is said to listen.

Akrasa does not have any large bodies of mounted troops. Their knights ride leotau and are mostly Mortars who believe their martial experience gives them a higher status than other Mortars. Outside of Akrasa this is seen as utter pretension and many a brawl has started when a non-Akrasan refused to treat an Akrasan regimentarian with the respect that they believe they are due.

"A night attack will be easy. We'll make an air raid over the Akrasan border. Just get me some flint to light the war torches." (Bant Battlemage)

Bant's armies are primarily composed of members of the Mortar caste, loyal commoners who haven't yet earned a sigil. (Akrasan Squire)

Once a year, Akrasa holds a joust that draws knights and their leotaus from every nation on Bant. The prize is an Akrasan sigil, but the true reward is the angel's kiss. (Kiss of the Amesha)

"Only by the bravery of those who put loyalty above glory is our home kept safe." -Elspeth Tirel (Guardians of Akrasa)