The island of Al Amarja is a small, politically independent island just south of Sicily and east of Tunisia in the Mediterranean Sea. On this small independent island are several settlements, including the city known as The Edge. There, ancient conspiracies, secret cults, bizarre groups, aliens, mutants, and extra-dimensional entities live and thrive. These power groups struggle with each other using bizarre technologies, mystical powers, political machinations or brute force.

Al Amarja keeps a low international profile, partly because its main sources of income are from trade in data and goods that are illegal in most of the industrialized world. Since so many world-spanning conspiracies send secret agents - known on Al Amarja as cloaks - to Al Amarja, each with funds to buy information, cloaks actually contribute significantly to the island's economy.

Firearms are illegal on Al Amarja, and the laws against them are strictly, viciously enforced. Al Amarjans have therefore become creative in the use of alternate types of weapons.

Mutants come to the Edge, where they are often accepted more easily than they are in other countries. Their community is informal, but loyal to its friends.

Al Amarja is the setting for the Over the Edge RPG and the On the Edge CCG.

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