Alaborn is a highly advanced human kingdom on Caliman's southern plains. For thousands of years they lived peacefully, with no contact with other cultures. This peaceful existence came to an end when they encountered the goblins of the mountains. Only their military inventions saved them from complete destruction.

More recently, they have also begun to battle the swamp queen Tojira.

Alaborn has developed gunpowder, and its soldiers are armed with arquebuses and pistols, in addition to more conventional weaponry. Their guns are a matter of pride, and usually decorated ornately.

The Alaborn soldiers use fantastic guns in addition to more traditional weapons.

"Course he ran! I wouldn't want to stare down that barrel, either!" - Alaborn soldier (Alaborn Cavalier)

"Ever proud, ever vigilant." - Grenadier motto (Alaborn Grenadier)

Muskets gave the Alaborn army an advantage it had long lacked—air defense. (Alaborn Musketeer)

"I dedicate my body to my country And my life to my King." - Alaborn Soldier's Oath (Alaborn Trooper)