Aldinach's cultists bring their abducted charges to this ovoid iron fortress, where the wood-skinned Lady of Change warps them into twisted mockeries of be paladins, unicorns, and exemplars of pure good they used to be. The transformation grants them the half-fiend template and irreversibly changes their alignment to chaotic evil. Although these victims are occasionally crippled with remorse over what they have become, they cannot fight their new natures long, and soon give in to overwhelming rage and deviousness. Those strong enough to survive the rigors of Pazunia fiercely defend the territory within a mile of Aldinach's Egg; the weakest are eaten by the layer's countless demons.

The Egg itself is a towering structure packed with grim laboratories, operating theaters, and hideous audience chambers draped in the skins of failed experiments. Aldinach occasionally tolerates visitors who offer technology or magical lore that allows her greater malleability over her patients, but has little patience for those who do not share her enthusiasm for perverse surgeries. Guests who tarry too long are fed to the Brethren, a score of chaos beasts who dwell in the Egg's uppermost Forbidden Chambers.