This article is about A gladiator in the world of Ophidian. For other uses, see Alexandra (disambiguation).

Queen Alexandra may pretend to be a heroine to gain the fans’ support, but she is really a demi-goddess who desires to lead the Ophidian Empire and bend its powers to her own ends. Disguised in humanoid form, she uses her beauty and her mental abilities to gain popularity and support. Through the use of portals, her loyal army is always ready and continues to grow in strength and numbers.

Queen Alexandra made her first appearance in Ursai Major where she impresses many of the trainers there and is even involved in a scandal. Some suspect her origins somewhere in the Raskelon System or some system beyond the known galaxy.

Creatures of weak will are nothing but an annoyance. --Queen Alexandra, Mistress of Evil (Force Reversal)

The evil Queen Alexandra is known to feed her underlings blood soup, a vile mixture of flesh, blood, and demon spice. (Grub Server)

The best way to deal with lesser ones is to squash their diminutive minds. --Queen Alexandra, Mistress of Evil (IQ Filter)

None shall stand before me! --Queen Alexandra, Mistress of Evil (Palm Ripples)

Queen Alexandra has been the savior of some and the ruin of others. Often Both.

Those who do not obey shall die!

"Elli delights on torturing the weak- minded... perhaps more than Queen Alexandra!" -Gladiator Scouting Report

Special Abilities or Techniques

  1. Portal
  2. Psi