An-Havva is a town between Aysen and the Dark Barony. The fun-loving and open-minded people of An-Havva don't take well to restrictive laws and social mores, which is undoubtedly why their ancestors left the puritanical city of Aysen.

when the first Pioneers arrived from Aysen to settle on the edge of her Wood, Autumn Willow went forth and met them, and found that they were good people. She opened up a Path for them between the Koskun Mountains and their main settlement, a city called An-Havva, and kept a keen guard over it with her creatures. Traders, a necessity to An-Havva, Koskun and Aysen were allowed to travel through, but any war parties from either Aysen or Koskun Keep were to be detained, or even destroyed.

The people of An-Havva and the Pioneer Towns left Aysen because the atmosphere there was too restricting. They watched their children be shaped by tradition and custom, and watched their duties and jobs to state and society grow heavier and heavier with each passing year. They wanted a chance to raise their own families without having to follow the codes and laws of Onella, and to get away from the strict idea that if you aren't exactly in the right, you're completely wrong. Out here, amongst the trees, monsters, dangers and hardship, at least you are running your own life and live each day with a sense of value and self-respect. A tough people, hardened by experience, and growing used to an rough life, they are a strong force for change and new ways of thinking.

An-Havva resembles a frontier town, with wooden boardwalks and lots of carvings and artwork.

The Constables of An-Havva are the self-appointed protectors of the people who live by the edge of the Great Wood. They are one of the core forces that hold the frontier towns together, and their influence keeps the towns talking and negotiating instead of breaking down into armed feuds. Where the City of Onella has Abbey Matrons and government councils to take care of business, the Constables are the only people capable of stopping total anarchy from erupting any time a major crisis occurs, to organize fire brigades and monster hunting parties. The frontier towns are still young by comparison to the lands of Aysen, and most of the men and women that moved to the towns of An-Havva are generally strong spirited to the point of being stubborn and pig-headed.

To be a Constable means having an excellent grasp of public speaking and frontier morality. All of the Constables recognize the importance of the Treaty between Lord Eron and Aysen, and all grimly know that if the trade between the countries ceases, the people of An-Havva will be the first to die if the army from Koskun Keep successfully marches through the Great Wood. With that grim knowledge in mind, they do the best they can to ensure their people the best protection and guidance possible, without infringing on their rights or privacy.

"This town's only for good folk. The rest can go to the city." -Joskun, An-Havva Constable

"There are those who accept being told what to do, what to think, and what to say. Then there are the Folk of An-Havva." -Reyhan, Samite Alchemist (Folk of An-Havva)

"Joskun and the other Constables serve with passion, if not with grace." -Devin, Faerie Noble (An-Havva Constable)

Folk of good heart will always find a home. (An-Havva Township)