The mighty kingdom of Andover has fallen, and the human lands are in flames. Only a few valiant warriors still live, fighting desperately as teh days grow ever darker.

The assassination of the Andover king sealed the fate of his nation. After that, the elves took the city as easily as a wave crashing on the shore... leaving nothing behind but empty sand. (Hiding in Plain Sight)

"Without peasants to toil, Llyr and Andover may soon fall to famine." - Sir Robert (Bascarite Swarm)

The rumors have already begun, blaming King Michael of Andover's death on the elves. But I am not so sure... (Tyren Ruskin)

"Markappal, Andover, and Lion's Jaw have ports enough to allow trade, and without Elven interference." - Maxmillian (Trade Routes)

"I'd like to see the Elves try to get past these walls." - Sir Wallence (Andover Assault)

"Their retreat may be a ruse. Have the swiftest of our men pursue and the others set up a trap of our own." - Sir Robert of Andover (New Orders)

"Andover burns, mother. I cannot stay to grieve for you. This great nation needs my prayers to lighten its burden, and I cannot pray when my voice is choked with tears." (Jarad Kirpatrick)

"Not bad, Andover," Jamr said. "But I had to finish the job. I don't know your ways, but in Narawi - we don't take prisoners." (Killing Blow)

My mentor was slain by Elves and returned as a... guardian. So long as I serve Ashrock, I'll also serve the good people of Andover. (K'evan of the Green)

"We cannot afford mercy anymore." - Sir Robert of Andover (Merciless Strike)

The kingdom of Andover has fallen to the elves, and Llyr is aflame as well! There is nothing left in the south, Gen'ral - nothing but blood and bone! (Halberdier)

"I remember the Andover long gone. When I am gone, Andover will remember me." - Rathe (Survivor)

"When he leads us into the final battle, I am going to be by his side, like my father was." - Lieutenant Dunbar (Sir Robert of Andover)

" was a priest once, but no more. My love for the gods rests now with my son, beneath six feet of blood-soaked Andover mud. The war isn't over. It never will be. The dead make sure of that." (Jol Kirpatrick)

They march across the Andoverian plains and through the hills of Llyr, steadily driving the humans into the sea. (Forced March)

"Robert's not in Andover, Jack. We need to hurry." (Maia Casey)

"Put the strongest and fastest on point and let the others fan out from there and broaden the gap, all in one violent push." - Sir Robert of Andover (Wedge)

"The book of freedom is written with steel, and drawn in the blood of loyal men." - King Michael of Andover (Andover's Quill)

"I will fight for what once was, and pray for what will be." - Sir Robert, Duke of Andover (Andover Signet)

"My father died for the Duke of Andover. That end is the only part of his legacy I don't intend to uphold." (Moira Dunbar)

"Blue willow's been used for healing since the days when Andover left the Empire, long before even my grandmother's birth." - Zoe (Blue Willow Wand)

"Without a goal worthy of greatness, we should all be common men. We have such a goal-defeating the elves. Upon that cause rests our freedom and our lives. Follow me, beyond this time of pain, to a world that we shall rebuild. Together." - Sir Robert of Andover (Helm of Vision)

"Misearis is the battleground between the Elves and NoThRoG." - Duchess Cassandra of Andover (Acrobatic Strike)

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