Personal body guard to Simon Christiansen and Earth security director. Andrew has resurrected the now fabled "Whisper Squads", a covert assassination organization, without Simon's knowledge. Andrew was one of the first to be a member of the original infamous squad. He is devoted to the idea of peace that Simon has brought to the world and will do anything necessary to keep the status quo, with or without Simon's knowledge. Andrew is ruthless and has several assistants of which Simon is unaware.

As a courier there is no one I trust more. - Andrew Masters in regrads to Andrea, the Pleasure-Bot (Transfer Information) Leeching fat corporates deserve no better. - Andrew Masters (Night of Death) Enemies of his cause shall be dealt with by me. If you're the best Andrew can send, then obviously he hasn't remembered my lessons. - Jason Trage (Cowardice) Masters and that weaking Christiansen are a perversion of all they claim to represent. I'll have both their heads mounted on a wall for public display! (Jason Trage) Marcus, we will convince the Soven that their good friend Cassandra was killed by the Muero. - Andrew Masters (Passage to Mars)