Deep in the Abyss rests a phantasmagoric realm of horror that is also a bastion of hope. Though wracked by consrant, bloody warfare and inhabited by legions of wicked tanar'ri, the land of Androlynne attracts powerful beings of good to its rolling hills and flowered fields. Perhaps here more than anywhere else in the Abyss the conflict is defined in terms of good and evil rather than upon evil devouring different shades of itself. Such has it been in Androlynne since the days immediately following the Age before Ages, for the heart of the layer's struggles was forged before the obyriths lost the Abyss.

When Miska the Wolf-Spider fell upon the fields of Pesh and the Queen of Chaos abandoned Pazunia, a vast eladrin host from the wilds of Arborea descended upon the Plain of Infinite Portals, assaulting its iron fortresses and weakening them for rhe inevitable tanar'ri revolt. In those dying days, when the obyrith influence had not fully laded, a group of the spiteful ancient creatures initiated a terrible revenge.

The obyrith Pale Night finally misled Royal Consort Ascodel of the eladrin Court of Stars, appealing to his concern for the well being of the most vulnerable eladrins—rheir children. Through subterfuge and magical influence, Pale Night tricked Ascodel inro a blasphemous pact, and with that the Abyss gained thousands of new permanent inhabitants—an entire generation of eladrin forever bound to one ol the deepest and least accessible layers of the Abyss.

The Mother of Demons pursued the bound children to Androlynne, which she had already stocked with terrifying demons and monstrous beasts to make their screams more satisfying. Pale Nightand her rapidly declining obyrith allies planned to leisurely pick off the children one by one as a way to prolong rheir revenge for the eladrin invasion, but before the exterminations could begin in earnest, goodly creatures managed to push their way into Androlynne to come to the children's defense.

First, a noble ki-rin arrived, followed by foo creatures, ;i hollyphant, and a pack ot moon dogs. By the time the third couatl had arrived, an all-our war had broken out on Androlynne, a bloody, senselessly savage conflict that continues to the present day. Ascodel himself died on Androlynne protecting the children he had unwittingly betrayed, and even Queen Morwel's current consort, Faerinaal, continues the tradition ot his predecessors, spending much of his time personally overseeing the defense ol the innocenr eladrins trapped on Androlynne.

The eladrin children, kept eternally young by the pact that still binds them to the layer, are much diminished from their earlier days, numbering now fewer than 100 souls. Their increasing scarcity makes their defenders fight all the harder, with the forces ol good adamant in their zeal to protect the few remaining eladrins from harm and working together to break Pale Night's hold on them so that they might, at long last, be returned to their rightlul place in Arborea.

After so many centuries of benevolent defenders flocking to the layer and due to the children's overwhelming purity, Androlynne itself has changed significanrly over the years, shilling from a haunted colorless nightmare realm to a deliriously beautiful surrealistic landscape of vivid pastels and lush, alien vegetation. Impossibly huge light-purple clouds dominate rhe sky, their peripheries frequently taking the shape of screaming faces, animals, or even incongruous household objects.

Geographical Features on Androlynne

NameGeography Type
Boldybingian WoodsForest
Fen of Ill OdorSwamp
Mother's MountainMountain

Cities on Androlynne