Anowon is a Guul Draz vampire. He wears the typical tribal red paints of his people but prefers a more sober dress style, since he needs to have high credibility and good communication with members of all races and continents. He is very muscular but he conceals this most of the time, since he never wants to display signs of his true power. He built his network of people loyal to him only by means of his wits, knowledge, and contacts, and even many that are close to him don't know that he's truly a powerful combatant. This is also somewhat typical of members of the Ghet family of Guul Draaz: they're among the few who actually value diplomacy over brute force and bluff. But they use diplomacy in deceptive ways anyway, mostly. Anowon surely does.

He has known suffering, exile, crime, near death, but also happiness during his life, and he's become with time a patient and reflexive individual, although his vampiric/predatory nature must come out sometimes, due to his feeding needs. He's not someone who cares much for the power, as much as for knowledge. He killed his bloodchief because he refused to let him know some of the ancient secrets of the vampires. He believes (rightly) that something big is at work in Zendikar, and he sees himself and his knowledge as one of the very few powers able to stop the worst from happening. He sees himself as an agent of greater good. Power has however come to be an important part of his mindset, and he enjoys displaying power in the rare times when he decides to combat someone (that is, when he's practically sure he can win). He becomes psychotic and sadistic, probably as a form of revenge for the physical pain he has endured in the past due to punishments for his crimes 8actually only one crime was ever discovered).

Anowon is renowned for his knowledge of many of Akoum's and Bala Ged's ruins and for his understanding of different types of magic and ancient languages. He has a mixed reputation though. Some view him as a guide, a guru, a blood-rejecting vampire, even a benevolent leader of his own explorers' guild, the League of Anowon.

Those that know more of his past though, know that he doesn't always control his vampiric needs, and is able to slay innocents on a whim, as he did in Sea Gate during his studies, after having fooled the whole city with his disguise as a normal human. He was brutally punished and then thrown down from the Lighthouse into the Halimar sea, but he somehow survived.

Adventurers and explorers not affiliated with the Lighthouse Accademy of Sea Gate though, don't know the story. And word on the streets is more often than not positive about Anowon, and it can only improve as the witnesses of his foul deeds slowly die in the years, while he enjoys his long life feeding on blood. Even other vampires respect him, knowing that he was once the pupil of Tenihas, the previous Bloodchief of the Ghet family. Anowon even supposedly slayed Tenihas over his denial to disclose his whole knowledge of the murky past of the vampire race, but there's only one witness of the assassination, and he's not credible enough.

"So many have died in search of that map. And now it appears in the hands of the arrogant child Chandra Nalaar."

"After years of study, I've learned an important lesson: the relics we watch may be watching us back." -Anowon, the Ruin Sage (Amulet of Vigor)

"I don't care when the hedrons awoke. Why is the question that really matters." -Anowon, the Ruin Sage (Hedron Scrabbler)

"In these bloodstains I will find the fingerprints of our oppressors." -Anowon, the Ruin Sage (Carnage Altar)

Akoum Anowon, Anowon, the Ruin Sage (MtGO), Anowon, the Ruin Sage