Aphetto is a city on Otaria. It is the southern city controlled by the Cabal, and is surrounded by swamps.

Aphetto's swamps are alive with the dead. (Anurid Murkdiver)

He brews trouble. (Aphetto Alchemist)

No one in Aphetto answers a knock at the door after sundown. (Severed Legion)

Phage became both executioner and savior, helping others to the same rebirth she had found. (Aphetto Dredging)

Aphetto con artists started working in pairs to make it less likely they'd be the victims of con artists. (Aphetto Grifter)

The symbols are spread throughout Aphetto, marking sites where minions of the Raven Guild and the Cabal can seek refuge. (Unspeakable Symbol)

"The ignorant fear change; the wise use it as a weapon." (Aphetto Runecaster)

To scrape out a living in Aphetto, wizards are reduced to selling rumors, lies, forgeries, or -if they get desperate enough -the truth. (Merchant of Secrets)