Arcbound golems are literally bound together with strands of magical energy instead of mechanical joints. Their limbs float next to their body, with energy flaring from where their joints should be.

This allows them fantastic flexibility and maneuverability. This unique construction also allows arcbound creatures to easily transfer parts from themselves to other artifact creatures. If an arcbound golem suffers damage significant enough to sever the bonds holding together its components, the plates, wires and mechanisms that made up the golem can fuse onto other beings instead of becoming instant scrap.

In addition, the energy-filled gaps between the parts of its body allow for some serious offensive potential.

Subtypes and Variants

Arcbound BruiserDominia
Arcbound CrusherDominia
Arcbound FiendMirrodin
Arcbound OverseerDominia
Arcbound RavagerMirrodin
Arcbound ReclaimerDominia
Arcbound StingerInsectoidDominia
Arcbound WandererDominia
Arcbound Worker