This article is about benevolent creatures in Dominia. For other uses, see Archon (disambiguation).

Archons appear as surreal, mystical humanoid figures riding a winged mount of some kind. They are usually blinded or their faces appear hidden, showing that they are something beyond the mortal world.

Archons represent white-aligned principles and values with a harsh edge. They have a rigid sense of justice, ferociously defend ordered society, and ruthlessly punish those who defy the law.

Noted Archon (Dominia)s

KrondArchon (Dominia)the Dawn-CladDominia

Subtypes and Variants

Archon of JusticeDominia
Archon of RedemptionZendikar
Archon of the TriumvirateDominia
Ashen RiderDominia
Blazing ArchonDominia
Celestial Archon
Silent SentinelTheros
Vengeful ArchonDominia