Arderial is an elegant realm of floating clouds and airy cities, drifting serenely far above the Moonlands landscape. It is an expansive aerial wilderness that floats above the surface of the Moonlands. The realm is spacious and soft, and reaches up to the very top of the Moonlands, where the sky is dark with the eternal night of deep space just beyond the limits of the upper atmosphere. In the upper reaches, starlight filters in even during the daytime.

Arderial is ruled by a Regis, who is the monarch of the land. The Regis is advised by the Arderian council, which is composed of elders. The Regis rules as long as he or she desires, stepping down when a worthy successor is determined. A regis who is considering stepping down will usually mentor prospective successors, selecting those magi who demonstrate uncommon wisdom and insight, as well as leadership ability.

Cities in Arderial