Tarkir of the Khans

"Bring down a stag and fix its horns upon her head. This one hears the whispers." -Chianul, at the weaving of Arel

Arel dreamed of winter's end. The next morning she followed a strange trail and found a seedling in the snow.

"Water shifts and confuses, but as ice it holds the stillness of truth." -Arel the Whisperer

"The past and the unwritten are frozen. To understand their meaning requires heat." -Arel the Whisperer

"Meat sustains the body. The spirit requires different sustenance." -Arel the Whisperer

Tarkir of the Dragons

Arel is a dissenter, a human Whisperer who envisions a world without dragons. She sees the dragonlords abusing their humanoid charges, even in clans like the Dromoka or Ojutai where humanoids have more agency. She practices shamanism in secret, hoping to amass support to free those who wish it from Atarka's rule.

"Atarka's people starve while she feasts upon the bounty of their hunts. They must conquer ever more lands just for the sake of their own subsistence." -Arel, Unseen Whisperer