The Aries Gang works the Flowers Barrio of the Edge, providing protection to the inhabitants and picking fights with outsiders. They patrol the streets in motorcycle-mounted groups.

Fiery, impulsive, and warlike, members of the Aries Gang live up to the reputation of the astrological sign they follow. With over one hundred and fifty members, the gang is the largest on the Edge, but the energy of the members keeps them from presenting a unified fighting front. The alcohol and other intoxicants flowing through the members’ bloodstreams don’t help matters either.

Members of the Aries Gang love simple pleasures: whoring, drugging, feasting, and fighting. Those who can accept these motivations find them a good-natured crew. Even in battle they usually kill without malice, fighting for the challenge and the pleasure, and they are slow to form a grudge. Sharing a kill is considered male bonding in the Aries gang. When double-crossed, however, they are likely to become enraged and to fight with bestial fury.

When a Valkyrie chooses an Aries warrior as worthy, she touches him, and he throws himself recklessly into combat.

Most Aries gangbangers ride motorcycles for transportation and image. However, some ride battle bikes, which shows they mean business.


Abbas NadjafiHuman
Bjorn NkweraHumanPsychic
Erik GudneHuman
Hans KnudsonWarlordHuman
Kalev MaranHuman
Leif HardarsonHuman
Peer SolgerkvistHuman
Saxolf HermannHuman
Thor RunestoneHuman