Niflheim, the second gloom of Hades, is a place covered in thick, obscuring mists. Somewhere in this bleak landscape is a small dell where the fog takes on a yellowish tinge and the air is filled with a sulfurous stench. Anyone who enters suffers acid damage every round they stand in the poisoned fog. The dell is known as Arthenmyr’s Wrath, and at its center stands a bone-white chapel dedicated to a nameless god.

Arthenmyr is a barbazu sorcerer who has seen every companion he has ever known die in the Blood War. He decided that rather than perpetuating the pointless battle, he would seek to end it in a most fitting manner. At the heart of the chapel is a magic fountain filled with acid that continually roils and sends up clouds of poison- ous gas that mix with the fog and make the dell unlivable. If Arthenmyr has his way, he will someday discover a way to spread the effect to all of Niflheim and, eventually, the entirety of Hades.

Arthenmyr's Wrath is a planar touchstone site, granting corrosive powers to those who brave its dangers.