Asgarnia is a nation founded on the principles of chivalry and duty, so it is no surprise that one of the largest and most powerful knightly orders makes its home in Falador, the capital. The White Knights of Falador, in fact, have become so prominent and influential within Asgarnian politics that they rule in King Vallance's stead. The White Knights do not rule unchallenged, though, for the Crown Prince, who lives in Burthorpe, favours the Imperial Guard. The rivalry between these two military forces is great, and it is probably only the fact that both are devoted to the royal family that has kept them from trading blows in a very public and very messy civil war.

The White Knights have another foe: the Black Knights. These dark warriors adore havoc and death, and from within the hellish depths of their caverns and the fortifications of their castle they reach out to strike against the White Knights.

The majority of Falador's population is oblivious to this, of course, and are more involved in their own quiet business. In Port Sarim this can involve anything from trading in contraband goods to swapping tall yarns from long years spent at sea; in Taverley, where the druids gather to worship Guthix, most of the trade is in herbs and potions; the dwarves, with their extensive tunnel networks beneath Asgarnia, are openly accepted into Asgarnian society - especially when they bring their ores and their inventions to market.

Though Asgarnia may be a quiet nation, for the most part unbothered by its neighbours, there is within its borders a growing cluster of malcontents and misanthropes, practitioners of the dark arts and those who worship Zamorak. This is the true threat to Asgarnia: the walls of Falador may not fall, but this may only be because the peril comes from within.

King Vallance is the ruler of Asgarnia. He has spent a good deal of his life on the throne, but in recent years seems to have retired from public life. No one has seen him quite a long time, and now Sir Amik Varze, the leader of the White Knights, rules in his place.

Geographical Features in Asgarnia

NameGeography Type
Crandor IslandIsland

Cities in Asgarnia

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