Khalas, the first layer of the bleak eternity of Gehenna, has hundreds, perhaps thousands, of lava flows pouring constantly across its sloped face. The largest and most destruc- tive of these is known as Ashardalon’s Tongue.

Named after an ancient red dragon that terrorized several planes of existence, Ashardalon’s Tongue is aptly named. It is wide and deep where it bursts from the ground high up on the mountain, but it tapers to a forked point lower down on the slopes where it cools. Additionally, the bottom end is in more or less constant motion - like a geologically slow snake’s tongue flicking here and there. The tip of Ashardalon’s Tongue only moves about 300 feet a day, but it travels over a range of about 8 miles, and there is no way to accurately predict where it will go next.

The site is a planar touchstone, granting abilities to those who know its secrets.