With the full coronation of Emperor Nujarek by the Avatar of Tezla, the one-time puppet of the mages of the Atlantis Guild now stands as a true ruler of the Empire, leading all of humanity to a destiny of conquest and victory!

A few of the Key Transition Events:

Lost Battles: The series of near losses throughout the previous years at Wolfsgate, Fort Wyndham, and Prieska - largely believed to be the result of mages meddling in the war-plans of experienced generals - plays a large part in the Empire's transition.

Resisting Temptation: Emperor Nujarek refusing the Solonavi's offer of conquest of the Land - in exchange for favors to be named later - makes Nujarek seem to be a man of heroic honor and integrity to many the citizens of Atlantis. His coronation by the Avatar of Tezla, with Tezla placing his own crown on Nujarek's head, stands as a turning point for the warriors of Atlantis.

Broken Morale: Prophet-Magus Osiras' order for the Atlantean army to etreat from Wolfsgate to defend against the incoming Orc attack stands as a remarkably unpopular decision. Aside from earning the bloody wrath of the Elven Lords - who lost an entire army at Khamsin as result of the Atlantean betrayal - many of the disenfranchised Atlantean warriors jumped at the chance to join with Nujarek's Imperial Legion.


Breanna IvydownHigh ElfWarrior
Cerberus (Mage Knight)War Golem
Treva (Mage Knight)AmotepHuman