Ayotochi is the city that has been built at the base of the mountain-god Kog'Tepetl, and is the most important and populated orc settlement. The walls of the ancient city of Ayotochi were built from stone dug from the mountain god Kog'Tepetl

When the orcs revealed the existence of Lazgar Chul, the vennen clergy immediately began plotting their invasion of Ayotochi. The orcs manned the outer walls of Ayotochi with spearmen to try and slow the vennen onslaught. The vennen offered to retreat if the orcs gave them Lazgar Chul. The orcs' refusal was emphatic.

The drums echoed throughout Quash Ridge, calling all orcs to come and defend Ayotochi, their most sacred city, from the invasion by the vennen heathens.

The sight of vennen skittering through the streets of Ayotochi sent many orcs into an enraged frenzy. Key skirmishes were won by orc guards who fought fearlessly in the grasp of certain death.

Orc weapon makers worked furiously to forge armaments for the human allies sent to help fend off the vennen onslaught.

As Ayotochi burned, even veteran orcs were overcome with madness. Thousands were slaughtered in the attack on Ayotochi, but the vennen failed to kill the one they came for: Lazgar Chul.

Before they retreated, the vennen hid eggs in Ayotochi, waiting to spawn.

The orcs sent panther-mounted cavalry to chase down and slaughter retreating vennen.