The thane Azax-Azog is a demon of terrible physical power and heinously depraved intellect. Of all the thanes, he retains his power most through cruelty and fear. Through brute power and the actions of his terrified followers, Azax-Azog has carved out a realm that extends from the Mephidross into much of the Oxidda Chain. Azog's minions constantly battle Urabrask's Phyrexianized monstrosities that now reside in the mountains, often press-ganging them into his armies or enslaving beasts to fight for him.

Azax-Azog knows that fear is the only real power in the world. A stronger opponent can be so weakened by fear that it simply accepts defeat and death. A weak warrior might tear through dozens of braver enemies when it fears them less than its leader. Azog's realm inspires fear with every step. Azax-Azog acts always to make more fear him, for when their terror outweighs other thoughts, he will rule and prove he is the true Father of Machines.

"Look upon me and despair. I bring your doom upon my wings. I shall feast upon your corpses and from your bones I will make a magnificent throne that will rival Ish Sah. I will be the Father of Machines who will move the Great Work of Phyrexia forward upon this metal world and crush all who oppose me. Look deep into the pit that is my soul and know this to be true." -Azax-Azog, the Demon Thane

Throughout Azax-Azog's realm and in any place he conquers, he has his followers build weeping cairns. These tall spires are piles of the skulls of victims that weep quicksilver tears and emit a cacophonous mix of whispers, cackling laughter, screeches, and moans.

"Inspire Fear in All."

"When terror outweighs all other thoughts, they will understand that I am the true Father of Machines." -Azax-Azog, the Demon Thane (Dementia Bat)

"You serve Phyrexia. Your pieces would better serve Phyrexia elsewhere." -Azax-Azog, the Demon Thane (Dismember)