Azul is worshiped among the people of the waste as a deity of rain. Waste-dwellers seek Azul’s favor so that they have enough water. Azul’s typical worshipers are druids, peasants, and travelers setting out across the burning lands. His symbol is a jagged red line enclosing drops of water, and he appears as a plump, smiling youth with scrubbed cheeks wearing a simple, white gown. A pool, often formed from a natural spring, always rests at the heart of a temple dedicated to Azul, and priests and soldiers fiercely guard this holy of holies. Azul demands blood sacrifice in return for his blessings, and angering him always brings terrible drought. Thus, each spring, the priests drown someone to satisfy the deity, while a small sacrificial animal is typically offered before a caravan departs for the waste. Azul’s most fanatical followers belong to the fierce desert nomads, who fall upon unwary travelers, taking slaves to sacrifice or use as labor for building more temples.