The 47th layer of the Abyss is one of the three layers of Azzagrat. It has been blended with the 45th layer and 46th layer layer in to a triple-layer realm ruled by Graz'zt.

A wan cerulean sun feebly illuminates the dark sky of rhe 47th layer, and heat and cold are magically interwoven here. Flames glow blue and purple on the 47th layer instead of red or orange, and freeze those who touch them. Likewise, blisteringly cold gales cause burns.

The strange blue light of the layer makes creatures harder lo recognize, and individuals often disguise themselves by coming here. The 47th layer of the Abyss can only be reached from the 45th or 46th; it has no direct connections to the Plain of Infinite Portals.

Cities on Azzagrat (47th Layer)

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