The demon Banath'thur was imprisoned by astute Vithian humans of Grixis. They used complex warding enchantments to intern him in the vaults deep under their hermitage in a region south of Unx. When the ongoing Conflux forced the surrounding region to coincide with part of Naya, their hermitage broke through a rocky hillside, irreparably damaging the building and, unfortunately, the Vithians' binding spells. Banath'thur turned the Vithians and the nearby Nacatl pride into his own personal minions, tempting them with lies and lashing the souls of the noncompliant with his demonspine whip. Those who survived his onslaught helped him find his way to the souls he craved: the angels of Bant. He has already slain two of Bant's angels, and it is believed he wishes to take more if he can find them. Banath'thur is difficult to approach, as his deadly whip destroys all who are not already overrun by his soul-crippled human and leonin underlings.

"Stray not into sin, lest you face the doorman of an insatiable tomb." -Prayer of Asha

Defiler of Souls