Anarchist hackers hunted by their own former govenments. Banshees are mechanics for the secret engine pulsing beneath the hood of the world, driving us toward an enlightened age without borders, without laws, without strife. Leading the race is clever and irreverent Nathan Sparks, whose wild conspiracy theories may finally be coming true.

Screaming into the 21st century, this eclectic band of electronic outlaws seeks to topple the "Establishment", hoping to promote change (because change is good), abolish government (because all government is bad), and prevent war (because war is a government invention to promote itself and exploit its citizens). They are equal parts radical anarchists and unconventional philosophers, an organized force for revolutionary change in a jaded turbulent world.

"Banshees" are ghosts in the System, gone off the global radar rears ago with the theft and disclosure of classified intelligence data about countless key governments and public figures. This event branded every Bansiee an outlaw, and sparked irrevocable global change. International relations are strained, economies waiver, and sweeping political upsets trap governments in perpetual quagmires, leveling the playing field for new and old powers alike.

The Banshees' act also prompted draconian anti-hacker laws and the creation of dedicated task forces to hunt electronic terrorists worldwide, forcing the Banshees and their allies to withdraw even deeper into their data lairs. But this is where the Banshees prefer to operate, coordinating field teams with a secret parallel of the Internet that samples processing power from literally every machine plugged into the global network. Have you ever noticed how your computer occasionally pauses, hums, and returns to whatever you're doing with it? That's them.

The Banshees are quite familiar with the Great Game; many of them drawn from the remnants of an abandoned CIA Cold War think tank. Their specialties include detective work, event and biographical profiles, and mass media manipulation (which they jovially call "opinion bombing"). Their most unique offering, however, is a process they refer to as "automated genius", in which thousands of them work in comcert across the Banshee Net to generate unexpected but highly useful facts and insights at just the right time, Much of this remarkable intuition is little more than an expanded "designer's diary" of inside information about recent inventions - after all the Banshees actually invented many things we take for granted today.

After the Cold War, the Banshees joined the renegade spy movement known as the Shadow Patriots, with whom they promoted peace for many years, But the recent death of the Patriot's founder shattered this alliance and forced the anarchist hackers back out on their own. Now they conduct an unrestricted war against a well-funded modern Inquisition, always searching for the means to realize their vision of a free-data utopia without borders, without nations, without strife.

Banshee Net's most prominent operative is the sardonic, quick-witted Nathan Sparks (codename BEDLAM). Extremely hands-onSparks never shies away from a chance to "stick it to the man" - he was in fact the spearhead behind the Banshee's dissemination if government secrets, Unwilling to settle for the world ion which he was borne, Spark's every move is a calculated if caustic step toward a greater goal, Ge complains about the world a lot, but he never talks about the global vision in his head, almost as if he's afraid that if he describes it, then it won't come true. Or maybe he's afraid that it will.

After the Syndicate undercut INTERPOL, we became the preeminent intelligence source about major crime on the planet. Well, except for Pitfall, but they only hunt us. -Nathan Sparks, BEDLAM (Banshee Database)

"... a billion terabytes of information, at the fingertips of the greatest minds in history..."


Amelia TrappHumanWheelman
Chaos (Spycraft)HumanHacker
Daniel O'RyanHumanWarrior
Dante AndersonPheonyxHumanHacker
Entropy JonesHumanHacker
Firefly (Spycraft)Human
Gremlin (Spycraft)HumanRogue
Hollywood (Spycraft)HumanMedic
Janus (Spycraft)Human
Jason TierneyHumanHacker
Madeline SaxHumanFaceman
Manny PropagandaHumanRogue
Maxine WrightHumanRogue
Mr. TraskHuman
Natalia (Spycraft)Android
Nathan SparksBedlamHumanHacker
Options GalorHumanRogue
Peter VeilHumanHacker
Rachel DunnHumanHacker
Shade (Spycraft)HumanRogue
Shiyu TakedaHuman
Simon StrideHumanRogue
Solomon DareHumanHacker
Stalker (Spycraft)HumanHacker
Stephen CenturyHumanWarrior
Warren AtkinsonHumanFaceman
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