Barnstable was once a sleepy prime halfling village, before a rogue wild magic surge sucked the entire village into Limbo. Luckily, some of the halflings caught the trick of imagining solid terrain before they all drowned. Unable to return to the Prime and determined to carry on with their lives, they've made themselves as comfortable as they can.

Barnstable is composed of a few dozen subterranean homes, each nestled among the roots of a huge oak tree, with cobbled lanes winding their way from door to door. The only above ground building is a great central barn in which the villagers keep ponies and goats as communal property and store the food they harvest from the surrounding wood.

Because there were no natural anarchs among the halflings, the villagers have to take turns round the clock concentrating on maintaining the local terrain. Some of the younger ones amuse themselves by mentally rearranging the location of the various homes and streets while the rest of the village is sleeping, then watching the resulting confusion when the villagers awake. Their elders threaten them with all sorts of dire punishments, but prefer not to have to stay awake to take a night shift themselves, so they just live with the youths' pranks. It can be very disconcerting for a visitor, however, to go to sleep near the village barn, and wake up surrounded by dense woods.