A basilisk is a reptilian creature that has the power to turn creatures to stone. Sometimes this ability is through gazing at them, while other times it is by touch (or both).

The basilisk's actual shape varies depending on the setting; sometimes basilisks are confused with Cockatrices. The most common modern version resembles a large eight-legged lizard; this version appears in both Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: the Gathering. Other games have followed this design.

Subtypes and Variants

Daggerback BasiliskDominia
Diamondhide BasiliskPoxnora
Greater BasiliskDominia
Lowland BasiliskDominia
Markappal BasilyskLarisnar
Night-basking BasiliskLuridia
Rock BasiliskDominia
Serpentine BasiliskDominia
Simic BasiliskMutantDominia
Stone-Cold BasiliskDominia
Stone-Tongue BasiliskDominia
Sylvan BasiliskDominia
Thicket BasiliskDominia
Turntimber BasiliskZendikar

Basilisk (stage4), Greater Basilisk, Stonegaze Basilisk