Bauhaus is controlled by four ancient families of Duke Electors. Military service is a treasured tradition of the Duke Electors, and ceremonial swords and distinguished ranks of office grace the corridors of the Bauhaus business empire. The Bauhaus military is not one of heavy firepower, but rather one of versatile troops and demanding draining. Fine armor and high quality weaponry secure Bauhaus' control of Venus.

Armed Forces

  • Hussars are the regular infantry of Bauhaus - well equipped, superbly trained, and highly motivated for the furthering of their corporate goals.
  • Dragoons are the elite armored forces of the Bauhaus war machine. With state of the art tanks and APCs, they are a good match for any foe.
  • Handpicked paratroopers of Bauhaus Clan Romanov, the Bauhaus Blitzers are used for particularly demanding sabotage and recon missions.
  • Etoiles Mortant