A rather common omnivorous mammal, bears tend to avoid humans unless provoked. Exceptions to this rule can be a most unfortunate occurrence.

Bears are, in general, large and powerful animals which are found throughout the world's temperate and cooler climates. With dense fur protecting them from the elements and powerful claws protecting them from other animals, bears are the true rulers of the animal kingdom in the areas where they live.

The so-called black bear actually ranges in color from black to light brown. It is smaller than the brown bear and the most widespread species by far.

Noted Bears

DozerBearthe Dormant
the Awakened
Old BonesBearWarcraft
Red BearonBearAzeroth
Zoo LouBearSkylands

Subtypes and Variants

Frostback BearArgaia
Ice BearKrynn
Ironfur GrizzlyAzeroth
Runeclaw BearDominia
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