These secretive men and women roam the roads and coasts of Aysen, watching for the Barons' minions or any signs of trouble or conflict. They are competant fighters and are devoted to the protection of the City of Onella and all those who travel the to and from it. They are reputed to be able to turn into bears or crows, and while they are shapeshifters still to be proven, their ability to protect the region from beasts and the Baron's allies is rarely disputed.

The Beastwalkers do have the ability to shape-shift into bears or crows, courtesy of a spell taught to them by a mysterious wanderer named Porrin (actually Feroz in disguise). In times of great danger one of their number will transform themselves into a crow and fly to the Aviary at Onella and report to Soraya, the Falconer.

The Beastwalkers are a sort of secret order, one that has existed for nearly as long as Aysen has. They are from towns and villages all over Aysen, and they are devoted to protecting the many towns and villages from harm. While the Aysen Crusaders and Serra Paladins do all of the visible work, the Beastwalkers are much more covert - sort of guerrila feudal superheroes, Robin Hood philosophy folk.

They don't generally have much say or opinion on modern political issues, as they have their hands full monitoring the roads for Baron Sengir's spies, invading vampires, or bands of rogues. While the rest of the country is fueled by two sided issues, the Beast Walkers have for the most part open minds - they follow the Samite way of thinking.