This article is about a town in the Planescape setting. For other uses, see Bedlam (disambiguation).

Not really a town, but an asylum let loose - that's what this place is. The chant is the town's mad, that the crazies have seized the keys, but what would you expect from a place is the gate-town to Pandemonium? Those who live here can't help but be crazy in one way or another.

Bedlam's one of those burgs that defies description. Imagine a town where 5,000 strangers each decided to build their own places without talking to one another - the result's the sprawl of Bedlam. The town's usually described as a fan set on the side of a hill (called Maurash by the locals). The base of the fan rests at the bottom of Maurash, converging at the entrance to Pandemonium. The gate, a twisted arch of iron and stone, rises above the shacks clustered nearby. Eight dusty roads intersect in a tangle before the arch and then spread like the ribs of the fan, up Maurash's slopes.

Here's a subtle detail: The farther up the hill a cutter goes, the saner-looking the buildings become. Halfway up the slope, the ramshackle shacks assume a semblance of order and become walled compounds, each still isolated but at least protected. Ultimately, at the top of the hill, in the center of the fan, is a Citadel - a small section of town surrounded by a curtain wall and lined with defensive towers. Here's where a cutter's going to find the least addled and best organized citizens in the burg.

Places in Bedlam (City)

NameSite Type
Eye and DaggerTavern
The SanatoriumHotel
Weylund's InnHotel