A homid galliard among the Silent Striders, living in the late 19th century.

"Actually, I find the history of rituals quite fascinating... but not as interesting as the application."

"Through the discipline of careful self-reflection, one may attain a calm demeanor which, if upset, defends itself admirably." -Berton (Balance Man and Beast)

"Once in the Umbra, we must hunt down the greatest bane in the area." - Berton (Chant of the Run)

"The Storm Eater knows there is a threat. And the Wyrm will hunt for it relentlessly, find it, and destroy it." -Berton (Gaia's Guidance)

"There it is! Attack! No mercy!" - Berton (Rally to the Cause)

"We must enter the Umbra, all of us, to stop the Wyrm." -Berton (Umbral Cleansing)

"We must meet Hans and Berton, one member of each tribe, and together perform the rite." -Simon Peacemaker (Grand Convocation)

"I had a hunch you might require assistance." - Berton (Peaceful Solutions)

"There was hope, once..." - Berton (Spirit Wrack)