A homid ahroun among the Black Furies

"Men only understand one thing: force."

"Men are stinking rats, who climbed to the top of the pile and intend to stay there by force of arms! They ain't got no reason to not hit you whenever they gets a notion, heck, they ain't got no reason to do anything fer a gal if'n they can beat her into submission! Cook this! Clean that! Mend this! Lie down and shut up! That's all they want! Well I say it's time we women stood up for ourselves! Some women say 'give us the vote.' I say give us the whole dag-blasted country and git out!" -Betty Crumbine

"Since men won't give us our rights, I say we take 'em! A revolution won freedom from England, and only a revolution will win our freedom from the yoke of domestic servitude!" -Betty Crumbine (Touch of the Muse)

"It's Betty's favorite trick." -Chastity (Cheap Shot)

"Fineous put Betty down, clutching her leg like Joe Theisman." -Gordon Goffe